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Things to consider while choosing a new battery

When to change a car battery is something every car owner should know. There are certain elements that influence the life span of the battery. Various circumstances can cause damage to the battery and other components. However, a periodical check in every 6 to 8 months is recommended. And if it is more than 4 years old (even if it continues to work), we strongly recommend that you call car battery replacement service at home and change the battery as soon as possible.

Failure to start the car does not always mean that the battery has to be changed. It could be because the terminals are rusted, you’ve left your lights or other electrical equipment on, or the alternator isn’t working. Check all these elements properly. In case you see that none is the cause of the failure, then you will have to visit the best place to buy car battery and change it.

Tips of choosing right battery

The first factor to consider is the specifications of your car since it will not be the same to replace the battery in a family car as it is to replace the one in a heavy-duty vehicle. Before visiting to the best place to buy car battery in UAE, you must pay attention to the technical indications given by the manufacturer. Buying a new car battery requires certain knowledge.

  • Size: Make sure the size of the battery is the same. It is best to take your battery to the store and compare it with the new one. This will avoid setbacks when placing the new battery.
  • Age: Batteries are usually marked with a manufacturing date and must be sold within the first six months after that date. Check the date carefully.
  • Cold start amperage: This is the capacity of the battery to start a car with a temperature of -18°C. Most batteries display this information on a sticker. However there are other measurements, such as AC for a starting performance at a temperature of 0°C and for a hot start HCS which is measured at 27°C.
  • Reserve capacity: This is one of the most difficult numbers to find, but it is one of the most fundamental. It tells you how long the battery power can last if the alternator suddenly stops working.
  • Maintenance: There are two types – low-maintenance and maintenance-free battery. The former needs to be checked occasionally. The second is completely sealed, does not require maintenance.
Factors influencing battery life

There are certain factors that influence the life span of a battery. Brand is a primary determining factor. Another determining factor is also the weather. Batteries are not particularly resistant to sudden changes in temperature or extreme weather conditions. If the battery is constantly exposed to these weather conditions, the working life will be greatly reduced. Avoid short trips. It is estimated that it takes at least 10 km drive for the battery to recover the same amount of energy it has needed when starting the vehicle. If it remains inactive for a longer time, the battery may soon discharge. Certain care must also be taken. If you face a sudden breakdown of your car due to the flat battery, and don’t know what to do, where to go, just call the onsite car battery service.

Best place for battery change and service

When it comes to change the car battery, you don’t want to run any risk, right?

So, the ideal would be to search for the best vehicle battery replacement near me and call the professional. You can either take the car to the nearest service centre or can ask for a professional to attend you. You just need to know when to change the car battery and call on qualified personnel to carry out all the necessary checks on this important element. It is always advisable to carry out a comprehensive review of your car. It is true that the battery is one of those elements of the car that expires and that you must change from time to time. To proceed to replace a car battery it is recommended that you go to professionals. In the past, replacing the battery was not a difficult operation. Today it requires some care that we must take into account. We need special tools and experience.

If you are looking for the best place to buy car battery, always make the purchase from a reputed online store.


There are several types of battery, and therefore you must know which one is correct for your vehicle. First you should look at the nominal capacity of the battery. Always choose a battery that offers the same nominal capacity as the one replaced. The battery voltage should be another point to check, a figure that is mostly 12V. Finally, check that the size of it is exactly the same as the previous one. Look online for the best place to buy car battery and let the professionals take care of the rest.

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