Fiamm Car Battery in Abu Dhabi


Fiamm Car Battery

FIAMM Energy Technology is the leading manufacturer of automotive batteries and industrial batteries using lead acid technology. Our success lies in supplying the best Fiamm car battery in Abu Dhabi after exhaustive and extensive research and development activities. We also heavily invest in methods that lead to the advanced and maintenance-free batteries to ensure our customers are presented with the best for their vehicles and other applications.

Where to Buy a New Fiamm Car Battery

You can buy a new Fiamm battery in Abu Dhabi for your car from our website here or drop in to our shop to get the best high performance car battery. If your car service person advises you to change your battery, it is important that you do that without much delay. Failure to do that could eventually affect the performance of your vehicle. You can get in touch with us for the new battery or the workshop technician can get it from us. We can also send the battery to your address, making it easier for you.

Benefits of Fiamm car Battery

FIAMM car batteries are the best high performance car battery, promise superior quality built, reliability, safety, durability and maximum power. They are maintenance-free, have corrosion-resistant properties and promise low discharge rate. Our robust design boasts of excellent spill-resistant characteristics so the batteries would stay clamped in position. Our batteries have a superior and sturdy build so they can withstand shock and temperatures.

A fully functional battery on your vehicle is like the beating heart in your body. It has to be in good order to function well. Remember to get the best for your car by getting the best quality battery, because performance matters.

How long does a battery typically last for

Fiamm car battery in Abu Dhabi can last longer in warmer climates as compared to colder regions. You need to get it checked once in 3-4 years during the annual maintenance (or specified kilometres, whichever comes first). The technician would check the battery health to see if it needs to be replaced. To know if your car battery is dying, you can flick on the headlights, and if they seem dimmer than usual, you need to change it without much delay. If the car has trouble starting after turning on the ignition, get that checked immediately.

Why is it important to replace your battery

Over time, your car loses its power to hold a charge, and eventually, it will not be able to power your vehicle at all. A weak car battery will not be able to power the vehicle at all, and this happens when the electrolyte in the automotive battery weakens or evaporates. When the battery fails to power, you might be stranded, sometimes in the middle of the road. That could be really frustrating. Check the battery health from time to time to ensure the car functions as expected. Always listen to the sounds of your vehicle, so you will never have to be caught unawares.

Why choose us for car battery replacement service

The shortest answer is that you will never be disappointed when you choose us.

We create products built on trust and integrity. Our aim is to provide our customers with a product that lasts, so that they can have a trouble-free, and enjoyable car experience. We listen to our customer’s needs and combine our wealth of knowledge and expertise to provide highly qualitative and innovative products and we use the latest technologies in the market to do this. Our commitment, passion and dedication have made us deliver only the best to our customers. It made our batteries even better, and we are continuously evolving and experimenting on how we can ace our products.

Features of Varta batteries

Similar to Bosch car battery UAE, Champions Car Battery Services deals with diverse types of Varta battery UAE.

Varta battery features:

  • Temperature variable resistance
  • Long Lasting
  • High performance
  • Manufactured using innovative technology
  • Maintenance free
  • Minimal self discharge
  • Vibration resistant
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