Car Battery For Auto Start Stop


With the demand for sustainability and low emissions vehicles, many vehicle owners are realising the importance of using vehicles that do not pollute the environment. This created a surge for vehicles integrated with automatic start-stop systems, instilling the need for batteries to up their performance. Each time the car starts after halting, the firing up process requires high charge, and this should be done without affecting the other car functioning aspects like headlights, car inner lights, air conditioning, windshield wipers, radio, speaker system and so on. The car should be reliably supplied with power even when it stops at a red light. This is where a car battery for auto start stop would be greatly beneficial. EFB and AGM batteries are batteries that perform optimally well during such conditions.

The continuous discharge and charging will not affect the performance of the vehicle. AGM batteries create cycle stability through its performance. The car can switch off and start many times, depending on how often you idle it, and releasing very less emissions each time it is idle.

Benefits of auto start stop car battery

The biggest benefit of an auto start stop car battery is that it saves fuel costs, because the car doesn’t use up any when you halt, and the emission levels are also pretty low too. In a standard car system, the car engine continues to run even when you stop at red lights, so the fuel will keep burning. When you halt somewhere, or stop, the vehicle becomes stationery and no fuel is burnt. When you disengage the break or actuate the clutch, the vehicle restarts and the engine starts running. But it doesn’t affect the functioning of the other components of the car. This way your car will be producing 3-8% lower emissions, with the added benefit of fuel efficiency.

The special characteristics of the start stop battery in Abu Dhabi enables the car to have better battery management, and regenerative braking.

What kind of battery do I need for a stop-start car?

The car battery for auto start stop comes in two battery formats: Enhanced Flooded Battery (EFB) and Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) battery. These innovative technologies are good for the environment and save a lot of money for the user too.

The Enhanced Flooded Battery can successfully meet the power and cycling requirements of start-stop systems. This is a much more glorified version of the lead acid battery. It doesn’t matter if the engine is stopped, all the ancillary functions will work, and when the car stops idling, the cycle resumes.

The Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) Battery is a better and modified version of the lead acid battery. In this innovative technology, instead of free flowing as a liquid, the acid is absorbed into the fibreglass mats. These batteries have excellent charging capacity and deliver excellent power output, when compared to lead acid varieties. Because of these features, these batteries are practically maintenance-free.

You can choose any of the above formats for your battery.

Difference between a stop-start battery and a normal battery

The car battery for auto start stop is so much better than normal batteries. One of the obvious and most embraced reasons is that these batteries have very low emission percentages. And they are practically maintenance free. Vehicles that are manufactured lately have start-stop systems so they need start-stop batteries. You cannot put conventional batteries in such vehicles and even if you do, it could cause battery failure and other issues. This is because the start stop battery in Abu Dhabi is designed to handle cycles of stop and start, and frequent high power bursts but the conventional battery cannot handle that load.

How long should a stop-start battery last

It is important to get your AGM batteries or EFB batteries from a reputed seller because the quality always counts. The batteries can last from 4-6 years, but sometimes it might not last for as long as conventional batteries. However, ensure you do the car maintenance from time to time so the battery lasts longer and the mechanic can check for battery health.

Why choose us

Wherever your journey is going to take you, we will be there as your trusted partner. Our batteries are manufactured to excellence and engineered to precision and perfection to ensure quality. You can go through the car battery models on our website and if you need any help in choosing batteries, we can guide you. We partner with our customers to make their journeys better and our aim is to provide sustainable, reliable, safe and next generation performance through our batteries.

Features of Varta batteries

Similar to Bosch car battery UAE, Champions Car Battery Services deals with diverse types of Varta battery UAE.

Varta battery features:

  • Temperature variable resistance
  • Long Lasting
  • High performance
  • Manufactured using innovative technology
  • Maintenance free
  • Minimal self discharge
  • Vibration resistant
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