Champions for Batteries give you the best battery repair and replacement service. We are the best place to buy car battery and we are available round clock for any services related to vehicle batteries. We offer diagnostics, jumpstarting, and installation of reliable and original battery brands. We also check on your alternators, electrical wiring, starters, as well as onsite car battery replacement services. Our car battery experts conduct 4-point battery analysis for the best effectiveness and quality to make your car battery last as long as it should. We provide all the major brands of batteries: Varta, Bosch, Energizer, Yuasa, Amaron, Acdelco, Kays, and Panasonic. Our knowledge and experience in dealing with car batteries enables us to offer exceptional service to car owners of all kinds of cars. We are the known name for BMW battery replacement Abu Dhabi.

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The Champions of Battery squad is there to assist you if you are trapped on the roadside, at home, in the parking lot, or anywhere in the UAE. We are helping to repair your vehicle’s battery. The Champions of Battery deals with any kind of vehicle including BMW battery replacement Abu Dhabi. You only need to make a call to find car battery replacement nearby and our technician squad will reach out to you. Our technicians will provide you full service at the same time. Our technicians will provide you with a qualified battery service on the spot.

Our technician will test your battery life and onsite car battery services. There is a chance that a dead battery has nothing to do with your lack of power. The Weak Alternator may also trigger the same problem. Our technician will diagnose the root cause and replace the battery only after finding its essential. If you need reach our technician just check for ‘car battery replacement nearby’ and our men will be at your place.

If you invest in your vehicles with quality facilities, it will help you in the long run and save your time as well. Battery plays a very significant role in your vehicle’s life. To keep your vehicle running smoothly, a good quality battery is very much important. We work with a wide variety of low-maintenance and inexpensive batteries which made us best place to buy car battery.

You can find us as a trusted vehicle battery replacement service provider who is available  in providing onsite car battery related services.

We carry the largest range of AMARON, ADALCO, YUASA, INFINITY BATTERY, KAYS, DETA, PANASONIC, BETTER KAY, HANKOOK power control, VARTA, and BOSCH brands.

It is our only mission to provide assistance, comfort, and productivity. We’re trying to save your time by providing reliable battery replacement services to all of our customers based on their schedule, not ours. With a fast and simple method of accessing our services, choosing a mechanic, and making payments, Champions of Battery is really simple for everyone.

Choosing us will give you the high-quality customer service at your doorstep.


A battery keeps a car running the same way a heart keeps the human body running. Champions for Batteries give you the best car battery replacement and repairing service, 24/7 at your beck and call. We offer diagnostics, jumpstarting, and installation of reliable and original battery brands. Our services are rendered all over UAe so you just need to chek for the car battery replacement nearby to avail our onsite car battery services. We also check on your alternators, electrical wiring, starters, as well as car batteries any time. Our car battery experts conduct 4-point battery analysis for the best effectiveness and quality to make your car battery last as long as it should. We provide all the major brands of batteries: Varta, Bosch, Energizer, Yuasa, Amaron, Acdelco, Kays, and Panasonic. Our knowledge and experience in dealing with car batteries and different vehicles enables us to offer exceptional service to car owners of all kinds of cars including BMW battery replacement Abu Dhabi.

Car Battery Replacement where you are

Our company will come to your location to offer onsite car battery replacement services. All you have to do is to call us or contact us by WhatsApp for a quote. Make your order and we will be on our way to your location. We conduct a thorough examination of your car battery to identify the source of the problem. Our diagnostic services are completely free. WE don’t charge you for checkup. This can help you to save money. We only charge you the cost of the battery. Our diagnoses services are completely free. We only charge you for the cost of the battery. Our goal is to provide a service that meets your needs while saving you money and time and ensuring your security.

To get an onsite car battery replacement from us, simply choose the make of vehicle that you want a battery for, select the model of the car and tell us where you are and we will provide you with a list of batteries that work well with your car. No matter what car you own, we give you a list of batteries that work well with your car. All the major brands like Audi, Hyundai, BMW, Tata, Volkswagen, Toyota, Honda, Nissan, Suzuki Maruti, Skoda, Ford, and many more are covered with us. For the BMW battery replacement Abu Dhabi Champions are ate trusted name.

We are the best place to buy car battery in the Emirates. All our batteries come with a guarantee from the manufacturer.

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Car Battery Testing and Diagnostic Services

To determine if your battery is fully charged, you will need to measure your battery’s state of charge. Once you search for the ‘vehicle battery replacement near me’ our battery diagnostic as well as the testing services enables you to determine the condition of your car batteries, so you don’t get left stranded out on the roads. From cells to large battery packs, our battery testing centre can offer the performance; durability, safety, and abuse testing you need to meet the latest industry and national and international standards and regulations.

Car Battery boosting and Protection

There are some external factors that can affect your car battery’s performance. Extreme temperatures in either direction can lead to corrosion on its terminals. Car battery protection service from Champions For Batteries Service helps keep your newly installed car battery corrosion-free throughout every season. Our boosting and power up services provide you with the necessary power you need to keep your car running while maintaining the batteries efficiency through-out the years.

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A car battery is one of the most underappreciated auto components. Only a small percentage of us pay attention to this and keep up with a reasonable maintenance schedule with proper car battery replacement. The engine is powered by a battery, and we may listen to music while driving thanks to the battery. The pampering of the car batteries guarantees the automobile's smooth running without difficulties, like replacing the engine oil, all filters, and the regular services.


You should not have to run the car if the battery is spanking new and it is not malfunctioning. If you are intending to drive it in a day or two, it should be all right. You might wish to drive it for five or ten minutes if you are not planning to drive it for two or three months.


Most modern automobiles feature a BMS (Battery Monitor System) that must be reset using a scan tool or by leaving the vehicle unattended for 8 hours.


The reason for this is that the computer is aware that the battery was defective. So you made a change. However, it is unaware that you have replaced the battery and will continue to try to charge it, resulting in overcharging and eventually frying the new battery.

If it is an older automobile that does not have that mechanism, simply install a battery and start it. The crank sensor is looking for the top dead center to precisely crank, which may take a second. This is typical and should only be done the first time following a car battery replacement.

If you got a brand new battery during a car battery replacement, it is not advisable to run the car. If the battery voltage is low because of low lights, the automobile should be fully charged for 10-15 minutes. If the battery is less than 11.5 volts, a strong start is still necessary and it should be charged in full between 10 to 20 minutes, according to the efficiency of the alternator. When a car battery replacement is accomplished, it should be charged entirely and the automobile should not be charged for a longer time. If the battery is not charging or you feel it is bad even though it is brand new, have your alternator checked; it could be malfunctioning, giving the appearance of a dead battery. Since car fumes are particularly damaging, ensure that the vehicle is parked off a closed spot. Then start the engine and ensure that all shields that might get in the way are safe. Check also that nothing can be trapped in the fan or fans, or the ribbon in the engine bay. Next, unplug the positive battery terminal with the engine running. The alternators should make you hear a somewhat alarming noise and the engine should keep running. You have a broken alternator if you detach or disconnect the battery and the engine stalls shut down or just lose power.


For many years, Champions Battery has been a mark of reliability and excellence in the battery manufacturing industry. Champions Battery is regarded as the best place to buy car batteries, offering a diverse selection of batteries to fulfill a variety of energy requirements.


Our honest, transparent, non-frills approach proved highly popular over the years and serves our consumers better by providing high-quality, competitively priced services.


Our objective is to provide customers with honest, inexpensive solutions that satisfy their specific requirements. At Champions Battery, as being the best place to buy car batteries, clients can plan forward and distribute repairs costs during a suitable period by prioritizing any essential work.


Please feel free to browse our website to discover more about everything that makes us fortunate to be associated with the Autospark brand. Learn more about us, see a list of all of our products and services, or get in touch with us for a car battery replacement or quote.

It can be tough to find a mechanic that can swiftly repair your vehicle and get you back on the road... It is considerably more difficult if you're in a remote location, such as the middle of a highway. A failing car battery could be one of the primary causes of your vehicle's breakdown. A breakdown occurs at the most inconvenient time, regardless of whether your car is old or new. You can only get out of a scenario like this with the help of experienced Emergency Car Breakdown Assistance such as Champions Battery! You can benefit from the car battery replacement nearby you, with the assistance of Champions Battery.


Our highly skilled and experienced team is fully capable of repairing and maintaining all cars, both older and newer. In fact, without certifying your warranty and the accompanying primary supplier pricing, Champions Battery can carry out maintenance and repair along with the car battery replacement on the newest automobiles.

The car battery is an essential and vital part of a complex system designed and constructed to power your wheels, which is why any battery will not keep your car running smoothly.

Depending on the nature of the excursions and climatic circumstances, most car batteries have a lifespan of 3-5 years.

Here are some pointers on things to look for when purchasing a new car battery.

  1. Battery Dimensions

Car batteries are classified by group sizes, which describe the battery's length, breadth, and height. By reviewing the owner handbook, or by asking your mechanic you may calculate the required battery size and then compare car batteries. The suitable battery size fits snugly inside the battery chamber, secures the battery, and prevents damage to the vibration.


  1. Freshness of the battery

A code on the battery that comprises a letter and a number indicates the battery's freshness. The letter denotes the month, while the number denotes the year of manufacturing, for example, A/4 denotes January 2014. Never purchase a battery that is more than six months old from the date of manufacturing.


  1. Reserve Capacity

This is the amount of time the battery can run without the help of the engine before being discharged. A high Reserve Capacity helps the car get through difficult situations like a non-compliant engine, alternator failure, and leaving lights on by accident.


  1. Power Consumption

The terms Cold Cranking Amps (CCA) and Cranking Amps (CA) are equivalent. Cranking Amps refers to the amount of energy necessary to start a vehicle at 32 degrees Fahrenheit, whereas Cold Cranking Amp refers to the battery's capacity to start a vehicle at 0 degrees Fahrenheit. CCA is important in cold locations, therefore greater CCA batteries are preferred.


  1. Maintenance

There are two types of maintenance situations here: low maintenance and maintenance-free. The liquid electrolyte in a maintenance-free automobile battery is normally sealed, and it can run for the whole battery life without needing to be replaced. Low-maintenance batteries have caps that can be unsealed to allow for the addition of distilled water on a regular basis.


  1. Warranties

It is a good idea to think about warranties and pick a battery that has a long time of free replacement. A figure combining the free replacement term and the prorated time is used to calculate warranty lengths. For a limited time, the prorated term allows for a partial refund of the battery purchase price.


Champions Battery is UAE's largest multi-brand battery store, offering only 100% authentic and brand-new batteries. Our battery store is the best place to buy car batteries having a large selection of car batteries, inverter batteries, inverter, and battery combos, inverter and home UPS batteries, and Genset batteries. We provide the ideal match for your car through our broad assortment of batteries, which is backed by a powerful technology platform, an extended team of battery specialists, technicians, and logistics handlers. We make the entire battery purchasing and car battery replacement process for vehicle owners seem simple! To make things easier for our customers, we strive to provide the best service possible. All you have to do is look at our webpage to see how the products are organized.

The price of a battery is determined by its cranking capacity (CCA rating), battery type, and warranty. In general, the better the product, the longer the guarantee. Batteries with a higher CCA rating last longer and perform better in the vehicle. However, additional parameters such as the strength of internal lead plates, the amount of electrolyte present, and the battery's construction all play a role. The affordable price offered by Champions Battery makes it the best place to buy car batteries.

Although a car battery is enormous and heavy, it is typically simple to replace. The old battery's positive and negative connections are removed, and the bracket or clamps holding the battery in its tray are released in order to remove it. After that, the new battery purchased from Champions Battery, as being the best place to buy car batteries,  can be placed on the tray, tightened, and the positive and negative connections reconnected. The electronics are supplied by a battery saver or external power supply to sustain voltage while battery replacements are made using electronic modules in late-model autos. As a result, learned electronic memory settings will be maintained.

If you reset the car computer following the car battery replacement, you may confirm that replacement items for the vehicle you make are entirely required in order to clear the engine light. One of the most popular techniques to areset a car computer is to reset an ECM (Electronic Check Module).


The process to Reset the Car Computer After a Car Battery Replacement


One approach is to disconnect the battery cable for 2 to 3 minutes, then reconnect it and start the car to see whether the check engine light illuminates again.


Drive the car for at least 10 miles to alert the ECU to a problem; if one exists, the check engine light will illuminate again, and you can examine the ECM's error code. These codes will direct you to the source of the problem, allowing you to start eliminating parts in order to resolve it.


After the new parts have been installed, you can proceed to reset your computer so the engine control can "read" new parts and save the new data. Before restarting the ECU, make sure you have a backup power supply in excellent working order for battery wiring.


The reset of your ECU cars should not be as concerned as there are other possibilities, such as a reset via the fuse box. The two most popular techniques to reset your car computer are unplugging or resetting the fuse associated with the engine control module.


It is also an excellent option to reset the ECU to make the engine adjustments. In this circumstance, you will have to reset the engine control modules manually through the fuse box. On the passenger side is a fuse box beside the battery. Turn off the vehicle and unplug the fuses once fully heated, and then unplug the batteries to power off.


After a few minutes, all of the old data should be reset, then reconnect the fuses and reboot your engine. Allow your vehicle's ECM at least 10 minutes to "read" any new alterations you have made. Because the auto ECU is such a sensitive module, it must be reset following any modification otherwise the new adjustments can interfere with prior operations of the engine.


While batteries can survive five years or longer if they are adequately looked after, many car batteries are worn out and inefficient within 3 years of daily use under standard conditions.


Just like the battery of your computer or smartphone decreases with every charge, the battery of your car gradually worsens whenever the engine is charged. It is generally time to install a car battery replacement after three years.

Most of the car batteries will be almost unreliable after four or five years. There are a variety of safety and reliability problems with old car batteries. Fortunately, it is easy to determine if the battery of your car is reaching the end of its life.


Champions Battery is excited to be your one-stop-shop. We offer a wide range of car battery replacement services so that you could come to us with all of your vehicle's needs and queries. We aim to be available to you at all times.

To stay up with the ever-changing car market, Champions Battery employs a team of highly qualified professional technicians who use the most up–to–date diagnostic equipment and instruments. We guarantee that we will only use top–of–the–line parts to ensure that your automobile performs better and is safer than it was when you brought it to us.

We have confidence in each of our expert specialists, and we know you will as well! Our services are reasonably priced, therefore you will never be overcharged. Please contact us as soon as possible to set up your initial consultation

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