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Welcome to ‘Champions for Batteries Service we provide onsite car battery replacement in Abu Dhabi.’ We deliver  effective and high-quality car battery replacement and repair services along with battery diagnostics, battery jumpstart mechanisms and premium battery brands all under one roof. We provide check-ups for car batteries, alternators, starters, and electrical wiring and battery cabling while accommodating all high-end and premium cars as well as everyday usage motor-vehicles. We execute 4-point battery analysis to ensure maximum quality and effectiveness while extending the car batteries’ life.

Our core construct revolves around complete assurance, precise assistance, total battery service providence, and client satisfaction. We guarantee a speedy service whether you are stuck on the road, in your parking, at home, or in the garage and also provide car battery replacement service at home. We provide a one-year standard warranty for every car battery replacement by us.

We deliver exceptional, cost-effective services and solutions through professionalism, trust, commitment, loyalty, and precision and are available around the clock to onsite car battery replacement Abu Dhabi including car battery replacement service at home and at all times. Currently, we are providing quality services across Abu Dhabi and various U.A.E districts. Our goal is to assist our patrons and clients in keeping their cars moving and their batteries running while providing effective and affordable solutions.

We believe that U.A.E is the world’s metropolis and a business hub having the ultimate capitalistic pace. To keep it running, the cars and the motor vehicles must keep running. We does car battery replacement at all locations and at all times. ‘Champions for Batteries Service’ provide different battery brands inclusive of, AMARON, VARTA, ACDELCO, BOSCH, KAYS, ENERGIZER, PANASONIC, YUASA and so on. Apart from that, we have technical knowledge of car batteries and provide exceptional services for a wide range of cars.

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The life of a car battery might range from three to five years. Checking your car battery once or twice a year to make sure it is completely charged is a smart idea. Make sure that your annual maintenance routine includes all these procedures.


It is strongly recommended that you replace your battery with an amaron battery in UAE whenever you feel that your car’s engine is acting sluggish or is smelling funny. These are also the signs you should look for a better life in the car’s life in Dubai.

These are a few of the most prevalent warning signals that a car battery problem is approaching.



A warning light on the dashboard is one of the most visible bad battery indications. The dashboard contains a battery icon in some cars that lights up when the battery is not properly controlled. In cars without a unique battery icon, the light of the control engine can be illuminated. In either case, a dashboard light indicates that the driver should visit a repair shop to diagnose the problem–and maybe purchase a new Varta battery in UAE.



The age of the battery is another simple clue that the car may have a battery problem. Most batteries do not last for longer than four or five years and in harsh temperatures, they last substantially less. It is a good idea to obtain a new battery quickly if it has been a few years since the last replacement, especially if there are any other indicators of a poor battery.



If the car is already taking a long time to start, it could be due to a battery issue. It is the battery's job to generate the energy required to start the car. It will show if there is not much power left in the battery. It is possible that the car won't start at all the next time, so get the Varta battery in UAE checked out and changed if necessary if the car is slow to start.



The battery case can swell up in extreme weather, including both hot and cold climates. The battery inside the case eventually dies and needs to be replaced as a result. This is one battery issue that should be obvious to anyone who knows what to look for beneath the hood.



A battery problem could be the cause of a weird odor emanating from beneath the hood of the car. This is due to the possibility that the battery is leaking and emitting a rotten egg odor. This problem not only necessitates a new Amaron battery in UAE, but it also poses a risk to other engine components, since the sulfuric acid leaking from the battery can swiftly damage car parts.



The battery not just starts the car, but also maintains the power functionality. Therefore, if the lighting does not arrive, the power windows don't roll up and the radio doesn't operate, maybe because the car battery doesn't provide enough electricity.

Amaron Battery in UAE has a reputation for ground-breaking engineering, cutting-edge research, and exceptional performance. This company was the first to produce zero-maintenance vehicle batteries. Amaron batteries were also the first to leave the factory completely charged, ensuring that they were free of inconsistencies in charging across many dealerships. These safeguards ensured that all Amaron batteries were built on the same foundation and would perform similarly.


The proprietary SilvenX Alloy technology, which allows Amaron batteries to survive a long time, is the key to their longevity. Year after year, these batteries can resist scorching summers and frigid winters. Amaron batteries can withstand extreme temperatures as well as vibrations. They are ideal for off-roading enthusiasts or those who need to drive their automobiles on harsher terrain. An Amaron battery in UAE will last three to five years on average.


Amaron car batteries have a few differences from conventional batteries that make them maintenance-free. Make sure that you keep your set clean and that corrosion does not build on it. Once a month, dust out the debris and grime that has accumulated on the Amaron car battery with a dry cloth.

VARTA has a comprehensive line of flooded lead-acid batteries to fit a wide variety of automobiles. Each battery is custom-made to match the unique requirements of our global OEM and aftermarket customers.


The most popular form of battery is flooded lead-acid. All interior parts are covered with a liquid electrolyte made of sulphuric acid. The sealed architecture of VARTA flooded batteries makes them leak-proof.


VARTA batteries in UAE have a longer service life, less corrosion, and lower ownership costs. All of the products share qualities from the original start-up to their professional powerboat products. When you choose a VARTA battery in UAE, you are committing to dependable precise technology that ensures top-notch results.

There are plenty of car batteries and not all of them will work for your car. Certain vehicles with larger or more complex electric systems require durable batteries instead of little cars with no whistles or bells. In addition, your car should be suitable for the dimensions and the placement of the positive and negative. You need a battery that fits in literally. The selection of the right battery ensures a forceful beginning and easy substitution every time.


Even if they were designed for a different vehicle, batteries with the same designation can be used interchangeably. H6 or 21R are common industry-standard designations for group sizes that are used to classify various types and sizes of automobile batteries that can be swapped out. In most cases, the only information you will need to receive your new VARTA battery in UAE is a suitable CCA value and the correct car battery size group.


Even if they are properly maintained, automotive batteries do not last indefinitely. If your car's headlights have faded, you need to start a jump due to a dead battery, or your battery is more than three years old, it is time to replace them. Fortunately, with only a few basic tools, this procedure is simple and quick.

  1. The position of your car battery should be found in the vehicle's owner's handbook. Many contemporary vehicles have limited space under the hood. Some batteries are hidden beneath a wheel well, in the trunk, under the floorboard, or even in the trunk.
  2. Recognize the positive and negative posts, as well as the cords that connect them. The positive post may be covered in red plastic and/or have a red cable linked to it. Next to the positive post, the battery should have a "+" symbol stamped or printed on it.
  3. To fasten the negative terminal and cable to the negative battery post, loosen the screw or bolt with a wrench.
  4. Use the terminal puller to remove the cable and terminal from the negative battery post after loosening the bolt or nut. Do the same for the positive endpoint.
  5. Remove the battery holding clamp or retention system and lay the pieces and fasteners aside to prevent them from pouring or placing them incorrectly.
  6. Lift the battery carefully without too much trouble. You can use the battery carrier strap if the panels are placed on top of the battery instead of on the side.
  7. Check the terminals attached to the battery cable ends to verify that they are clean and corrosion-free. If not, use the cleaning tool for terminal cleaning. A bespoke tool is offered on the post with a new brush in the clamp. If this is not possible, a strong brush can accomplish the work. The cleaner the pins and posts the better and better the battery connection is.
  8. Place the battery in such a way that the red positive post lines up with the positive terminal and cable.
  9. Place the new VARTA battery in UAE. Then use the clamp or holding mechanism you took out earlier to fasten it.
  10. Install the anti-corrosion washers over the plastic caps that protect the battery posts.
  11. Before the positive terminal is first connected to the positive post, put on a thin grease layer in the battery composites and terminals. The battery can also be recharged via a special anti-corrosion grate to prevent the deposition of fluffy greenish-white corrosion. Turn the connector to snug, using the wrench. Repeat for the post and terminal negative.

Try wriggling the battery. When the pin or retention system moves, tighten it. You have successfully installed an auto battery!


Battery jump starters, also known as battery boosters or emergency boosters, are portable jump starters that work by directly giving the required amperage to start the engine and continue its drive, rather than recharging it. If you're having trouble with the battery and need a booster, you will want to choose one that guarantees quality and devotion. And for those requirements, we at Champions Battery offer the best advice for a proper fit for your vehicle. You can look up more information on "jump start car service Near Me" in the browser's search box.


Battery Jump Starters allow you to start the car without having to charge it. You won't need to beg for jumper cables if you get stuck in the middle of the road with a portable jump starter, and you will be self-sufficient enough to make it through. Battery jumper starters are very accessible and can be used at any time and in any location, so you don't have to be stuck in one spot. Booster cords require two connections in the automobile, increasing the likelihood of problems, whereas jumper starters only require one connection, reducing the possibility of sparks. The number of personnel required to host the vehicle is also reduced with the use of a battery jump starter.


In addition, Jump start car services work best in today's vehicles because they are inherited.

Jump start car services, on the other hand, are quite reasonable and easy to come by at Champions Battery. We offer the best brand in the range that is good for car maintenance and extends the battery life as well as the overall life of the vehicle. Champions Battery is aware of the vehicle's requirements and accordingly gives it to you. You can visit a Champions Battery for a more personalized experience.


You could start with jumper wires in the car of a stranger if your battery is dead. When using the vehicle's jumper cables, make sure you have at least the same amount of voltage as the battery on the other vehicle. Until you properly hook up the cables, it does not matter whether the car has negative ground and the other one has a positive ground or that the vehicle has a generator. You can take help of Jump start car services from Champions Battery.


A step-by-step guide to jump starting a car


  1. Park both vehicles in the same spot.

Place both cars in such a way that their batteries are easily accessible to one another (without the cars touching).

Turn on the hand brakes and turn off the ignitions.

  1. Join the red jump lead

With the red jump lead, connect the positive (+) terminal of the working battery to the positive (+) terminal of the flat battery.

  1. Connect the black jump lead

Connect the negative (-) terminal of the working battery to the black jump lead.

Then connect the other end to an earthing location far away from the flat battery and fuel system (unpainted metal on the engine block or chassis).

  1. Start the other car

Wait 3 minutes with both engines turned off, then start the operating car's engine and let it run for 1 minute.

  1. Start your car

Turn on the engine in the car with a flat battery.

  1. Run the two cars

Allow both cars to rest for approximately 10 minutes, at a fast rate.

  1. Switch off and unplug.

Turn the engines of both cars off and carefully disconnect the lead in the other direction.

Make sure that the leads either do not touch each other or a car while you take them off.

  1. Restart your vehicle

Try to spin the ignition keys to see whether your car is starting.

  1. Request for assistance

Probably there is a more significant issue requiring professional assistance if your car does not start.

If the batteries have been entirely drained, or the 12-volt battery is out, you might need to jump-start an electric car. Unless the car is jump-started via the 12-volt system, the lithium-ion battery cannot be charged for the initial electrical operation. It is nothing unusual from any other car to start an electric or plug-in hybrid vehicle. The difficult task is to locate the 12-volt battery: the position of the 12-volt battery varies across models because there is no engine in the front. You'll be told where you may get the handbook of your car.


When the battery has been found to boost it through the correct jump, use the battery starter or other vehicle to ensure that the correct order is hooked into it. The car must be boosted by petrol or diesel in the latter circumstance. The electric vehicle should not be connected to charge when you start the vehicle. Some onboard electronics may suffer costly damage.


When attempting a jump start car service, the dead electric car must not be plugged into its charger; only after the procedure has been completed and the car has fired up should it be plugged in.

Each driver can take advantage of the Champions Battery in the hand to help him leap into his car. If you know that there is someone who can assist and get you on the road swiftly again with all initial concerns, lowering your inconvenience factor, you may feel totally at ease anytime you travel.


Champions Battery has an expert crew ready to offer help 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, on-site or to take care of breakdowns so you never have to worry about ever having to jump off.


For the guaranteed time of the battery you bought from us, we offer cost-effective jump start car service help.


You should only allow your car to run long enough to bring you home or to a store or garage, the first thing you need to understand is why you need a jump-start car service. If the battery is dead, a charge of the battery should be installed with an overnight base to allow you to destroy the batteries if you have done something incorrectly. You must first determine if anything else occurs, such as rust on the battery wires resulting in a faulty electrical connection, or if your battery is old and needs to be replaced. The key to keeping everything functioning together is having clean electrical connections between the battery, alternator, and vehicle ground. The vehicle's alternator is not designed to act as a battery charger. Its major role is to keep the battery from discharging during regular driving by assisting in the operation of all electrical equipment such as the engine ignition, air conditioning, headlights, electric radiator fans, radio, and so on. If it needs to charge a dead battery and run everything without a little aid from the battery because it is not going fast enough for the little fan (fins) on its pulley to keep cool, it puts a lot of strain on it and heats it.


Jump boxes are small portable batteries with jumper wires connected to them. They are also safer than jumper cables since they employ software to eliminate voltage spikes that can damage the car's electrical system. Certain variants incorporate security lights on-board, AC outlets, and USB phone charging connections. They are also cheap and can be found in hardware, car parts, and online retailers. It is worth having one to have in the car in case of an emergency, given what they can do.


Here's how to utilize one effectively:

  1. Check to see if the jumper is fully charged.
  2. If not, connect it to a power source and charge it according to the manufacturer's instructions.
  3. Most modern jump-starters come with built-in connections, but if not, connect the wires to the jump starter's proper (positive and negative) posts.
  4. Connect the red clamp to the dead battery's positive post (+ symbol or red cover).
  5. Connect the Black Clamp-on the car's framework to a ground, unpainted metal surface.
  6. Turn the jump-starter on as advised once you have connected everything.
  7. Start the car after a couple of minutes.
  8. Allow for a few minutes for the battery to charge before trying again if the engine won't start. The car will start.
  9. Remove the power switch from the jump-starter.
  10. Remove the clamps in the following order: black from the grounded surface, red from the dead battery.
  11. After each start, it is a great thing to recharge the jump-starter.


Drive carefully and have your battery inspected at a local service center. If it is necessary to replace it with a VARTA battery in UAE, you can do so by ordering it online. However, double-check that the parameters match those of the original battery. We are confident you now understand how to jump-start a car with dead batteries. The jump start car service is also available from Champions Battery.


Amaron is a well-known automotive battery manufacturer that specializes in high-performance batteries for the vehicle. It is a well-known automotive battery manufacturer that produces high-quality products. The proprietary SilvenX Alloy technology, which allows Amaron batteries to survive a long time, is the key to their longevity. Year after year, these batteries can resist scorching summers and frigid winters. Amaron batteries can withstand extreme temperatures as well as vibrations. The Amaron battery in UAE is ideal for off-roading enthusiasts or those who need to drive their automobiles on harsher terrain. An Amaron battery should last three to five years on average.

Amaron automotive batteries are available at Champions Battery for practically all car types and models. If you contact us for the requirement of  Amaron battery in UAE, our staff can assist you in selecting the optimum battery type for your vehicle. Our highly qualified technicians will also provide complete battery services for your vehicle. If you don't want to wait at our service centers, you may buy Amaron vehicle batteries online and request a door battery delivery and installation service.

Car batteries are essential to turn your engine on and to maintain other electrical components intact in your car. Varta and Amaron batteries in UAE are well known for their excellent optimization, performance, and efficiency. Nevertheless, you must follow certain important rules to keep your car battery healthy.


To take care of your  Varta and Amaron batteries in UAE, follow the instructions below —


Clean the terminals on a regular basis.


Many individuals believe that car batteries do not require frequent cleaning. While this may be true for the body of the car battery, terminals and wires do require attention on a regular basis in order to perform properly. Water and baking soda can be used to clean the car battery terminals. To begin, spin the car battery's negative terminal bolt anti-clockwise and pull up the point to detach it. After you have removed the negative terminal, do the same thing with the positive terminal. Take additional measures to guarantee that no metal component of an automobile is affected by the two wires after you detach. To clean the terminals carefully with a hard-written brush, use a 1:1 water and baking soda combination. Once cleaning is done, wipe a little wet cloth from the tray and the battery body. Always connect the positive one first to reconnect the terminals.


Use Corrosion Spray


After thoroughly cleaning the battery terminals, some car owners leave them bare. This behavior causes increased terminal corrosion, which is damaging to the car's battery. To prevent corrosion, spray the terminals of the battery with a corrosion spray or spread Vaseline on them. Keep in mind that you should only use the spray once the terminals have been properly fastened.


Tighten Hold-Down Clamp


Bumpy roads are something that every car has to deal with. The battery trays must be equipped by all automobile manufacturers with a hold-down clamp to prevent the battery from jumping and hurting itself under the hood. This clamp protects the battery from harm caused by vibrations. There may be a loose or damaged hold-down clamp on the car. You can tighten the bolts on the top of the bar like a clamp to tighten loose hold-down clamps. However, if you detect that the hold-down clamp is severely damaged, which has caused the car battery to be destroyed, have them both replaced as soon as possible.


Avoid Cold Damage


Battery deaths are common to cars operating in cold weather. This is caused by freezing or weakness of the electrolyte due to excessively cold weather. You obtain a battery warming for the auto battery if you are living in an area with an icy environment. Battery heaters are like jackets that snuggle the battery and keep it warm and functioning even in extreme weather conditions.


Refill Electrolytes


There are several different types of car batteries available for today's vehicles. Some of them need to refill electrolytes repeatedly throughout their lives while others don't. Here's how to refill the Varta and Amaron batteries in UAE if it is not sealed and needs to stay functional.

Using a flashlight, open the top cover of the battery and check the amount of fluid inside.

You will need to add extra water if the fluid within does not completely submerge the electrodes or plates. Pour distilled water until it covers the electrodes and reaches the bottom of the pouring hole.


While these car battery maintenance recommendations are great and can help you extend the life of the battery, they are not answers for a battery that has already been damaged. If your car battery has severely aged and is becoming weak, it may be a good idea to get it serviced or replaced. To make a quick and easy purchase, go online and search for the Amaron battery in UAE. Varta and Amaron vehicle batteries have a very long warranty duration, and you can use them if the battery is damaged due to a manufacturing defect.








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