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6 Tips That Can Help You With Car Battery Life

Car batteries might last 2 or more years if properly maintained, but most of these products would generally wear down and be inefficient in 1 years of daily use. Whenever the engine of the vehicle charges the battery, the component will deteriorate. It is common to seek an onsite car battery replacement Abu Dhabi service after the use for 2 years. That said, it is possible to benefit from the product longer with these tips and tricks, maybe even until the change becomes inevitable.

Let the Battery Charge Fully

Operating the vehicle for long time is among the best ways to confirm that its battery is fully charged. Short distance driving will limit the battery charging process, which is why it is important to operate a car regularly. The battery would drain if the vehicle is left inactive for long. When driving long distances or for long times is impossible, it means that it is time to spend on a portable car battery replacement solution.

Keep It Tightly Fixed and Secure

In the event the component is not sitting tightly in its mounting rack, then it would vibrate in a way that could cause internal damage or short circuits. When driving often on uneven roadways, check its terminals to confirm that the battery sits firmly in the rack.

Avoid Keeping the Lights Turned On Unnecessarily

Having the lights of a car functioning overnight can result in the depletion of its battery charge. It is possible to avoid the issue with a number of steps, including the following.

  • Make a habit of checking the lights before coming out of the vehicle. For forgetful people, it is worthwhile to have Post-it notes or stickers on the car dashboard or remote as a reminder to do it.
  • Keep the trunk and doors of the automobile firmly closed.
  • Park a car in relatively dark places, which allows seeing whether the lights are on at the time. Or, park the vehicle in a way that necessitates walking past its front side to an interior space.

Limit Corrosion

It is vital to manually clean the car battery terminals for avoiding corrosion. Act as per the following to clean these components.

  • Dip a toothbrush in a mixture of baking soda and water, and then scrub the components.
  • Spray-clean that mixture with clean and cold water.
  • Use a clean piece of cloth to wipe the terminals and make these dry.

When not feeling comfortable in doing this chore, consider seeking the help of a professional.

Reduce Electrical Accessory Use

In-car CD players, USB ports, radio, and air conditioners can all act as battery drainers. So, use just the essential accessories, like the car AC to name one. Avoid overburdening the battery with an excessive number of electrical components used simultaneously. Switch off all of the components while the vehicle’s engine is in an inoperative state.

Test Battery Routinely

Maximizing the battery life would be tough in the event of not knowing the state of the component. Car battery testers are useable to check its level of output voltage, to know whether it is in good condition or not. The latter condition may require seeking a battery replacement as well.

Contact Us for Battery Replacement, Tips and Tricks

Wondering If it is high time to swap the old battery for a new one? If yes, approach Champions for a quick and efficient onsite car battery replacement Abu Dhabi service. Aside from doing the replacement, we can offer the information to help make the new battery as long lasting as possible.

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