Amaron battery uae

Which is the common car battery brand in UAE?

If you are in a situation where your car needs a sudden roadside car battery replacement, only a reliable service provider may get you out of the solution. All the batteries have a life expectancy but there might be some cases in which the lift of a car battery shortens. If your car breaks down because of any issue, onsite car battery provider can help you to bail out of the tough situation.

Amaron battery in UAE is famous for providing the onsite and offsite car battery change assistance. You can call for the immediate assistance or visit their site office to get the best advise for your car issues.

Some common issues lead to the battery drainage of the car:

  • Car battery life issues
  • Battery leakage due to extreme weather conditions
  • Accidental leaving of car lights or music system
  • Discharged battery kept un-operative for a longer period
  • Battery crossed its expiration date without replacement
  • Installation of battery draining applications, like faulty central locking in your car

There are many car battery replacement providers in Dubai and Abu Dhabi that will give many options to the shopper to choose from a great range of batteries. You can get confused to choose the right brand that is suitable for cars. After looking for the specifications required for the battery, it is essential to look for those specifications in detail. You can get the best fit for your car with the appropriate fit for your car. We’ve listed here the different battery options available in the UAE for your car:

  • Amaron
    Amaron battery in UAE is the most preferred choice for car batteries in the UAE. They give a warranty for 18-48 months that makes it a preferred battery type. The company gives support to the battery manufacturers and the shelf time of these batteries is very impressive. There is no need to recharge the battery quite often as it even works after 6 months of non-usage.

Amaron battery uae

  • Exide Battery
    Exide is one of the leading battery brands in the world with its HQs in the USA. These batteries are built to fulfill the highest energy requirements for battery manufacturing. Some Exide batteries come with a CCA of about 710 and a reserve capacity of 2 hours. It is one of the best brands of car batteries out in the market.

exide battery uae

  • Varta Battery
    Varta battery in UAE is another trusted name and one of the most desirable batteries by the customers. These batteries offer high energy and require the least maintenance. They prefer regular battery testing of your vehicle battery to know its power capacity left for the next change. With this choice, you can be sure about having a battery that lasts for a long time.

varta battery uae

  • Solite
    Solite is a brand manufacturing batteries under Hyundai Motor Group. It is a widely known brand in the UAE and can withstand high temperatures in the deserts. These are the best car battery proven over the years and have many positive reviews from previous clients. There are many positive reasons to say yes to this brand of car batteries.

solite battery uae

  • AC Delco
    This is another trusted brand of car batteries. This battery brand offers a reliable warranty and is the best choice for withstanding hard conditions and extreme vibrations. You can choose this brand of the car battery to get the most reliable customer support and the high-end battery.

AC Delco battery uae


You can find it easy to find a car battery replacement provider in Abu Dhabi and get the services from Champions Battery services. We deliver high-quality products at the most competitive prices. You can get all the premium battery brands under one roof and we offer 24/7 services for your general or emergency car battery replacement requirements. We even offer onsite car battery replacement for everyday motor vehicles. We deliver exceptional solutions with professionalism, trust, and commitment around the clock for the best locations. At present, we are working across Abu Dhabi and nearby UAE districts. We provide different car battery options throughout the UAE and focus only on the prime brands that give the best results.

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