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Top 7 battery Brands For Your Car in UAE

It’s officially summer, and while your car’s air conditioner may chill the cabin, it could also damage your battery. The pressure of the AC on the automobile battery during the summer season increases the likelihood of battery failure. Not to mention the regular use of music players and phone chargers, both of which have an impact on the battery. We now understand that it is irrational to cease utilizing your car’s air conditioning or entertainment system while you are driving. That said, we have picked out the 7 battery brands in the UAE and the best place to buy a car battery.

Things you need to consider while choosing a car battery

There are many car battery brands available in the UAE, but some of the most popular ones are FIAMM, Sebang, keys, etc. These brands offer different types of batteries for different vehicles and conditions. Some of the factors that you may want to consider when choosing a car battery are:

  • The size and capacity of the battery that fits your car model and engine
  • The warranty and service offered by the battery manufacturer or supplier
  • The climate and temperature of your location and how it affects the battery performance and lifespan
  • The price and availability of the battery in your area
  • The features and benefits of the battery, such as maintenance-free, long-lasting, high cranking power, etc.

We at Champions Battery can help you find the best battery for your car. You can also read customer reviews and ratings to get an idea of their quality and reliability.

7 Best battery brands in the UAE

1.FIAMM Battery

For the initial batch of some of the most prominent automobile manufacturers in the world, like Mercedes-Benz, Smart, Renault, Toyota, and others, FIAMM is the market leader for premium starter batteries. Car batteries made by FIAMM Energy Technology guarantee incredible performance, high power, durability, and safety. The new top-tier Titanium goods are the result of FIAMM knowledge and technology, which came from the OEM pioneer outfit.

2.Sebang Battery

Sebang batteries are known for their durability and reliability. They tend to have a long lifespan and can hold their charge for a long period of time. Moreover, Sebang batteries are designed to be relatively efficient, meaning they require less energy than other types of batteries to perform the same task

3. Kays battery

One of the growing brands in the automotive sector is Kays car battery. It is an Indian-origin brand that delivers outstanding performance and longevity. Furthermore, Kays battery has a technological advantage over its rivals because it is a subsidiary product of the Exide brand. The performance and efficiency of the Kays battery was created using cutting-edge design and technology which makes it one of the best in the automobile industry.

It utilizes cutting-edge alloy system technology. Suitable for newer vehicle generations, it has plates that are covered in a unique paste formation to provide durability in high temperatures. The glass mat double separator ensures the longevity of the battery

4. Tuflong battery

Tuflong batteries are renowned for their excellent performance and long life. They provide high energy density and superior cycle life, meaning they can last up to five times longer than standard batteries. They also offer a high level of power and charge quickly, allowing you to get the most out of your device. Additionally, they have a low self-discharge rate, meaning they can hold their charge for longer periods of time, even when not in use

5.Solite battery

The performance of a Solite battery depends on a few factors, including the type of battery and its size, the temperature, the charging and discharging rate, and the quality of the battery itself. Generally speaking, Solite batteries are known for their high performance and reliability. They are designed to last for many years and provide a consistent, reliable power source. They also tend to perform better in colder temperatures and recharge quickly

6. Forgo battery

Forgo battery batteries are known to have a high utilization rate, long cycle life, low self-discharge rate, good high and low-temperature performance, and good sealing. They also have a current installed capacity of about one million units of battery annually and are trusted by thousands for their durability and quality


FIAMM AGM batteries are simply amazing. The batteries are designed to provide reliable, long-lasting power for a variety of applications. They are capable of delivering up to 1,000 cycles at 80% depth of discharge and up to 2,000 cycles at 50% depth of discharge. They also offer excellent charge acceptance and vibration resistance, making them ideal for harsh environments. Additionally, the batteries are designed with an advanced safety system that helps to protect against overcharging and short-circuiting. This ensures that the batteries remain safe and reliable even in extreme conditions.

There you go – the top 7 battery brands. These are some of the best car battery brands in the UAE. Apart from the above, we also provide various battery brands including Amaron, ACDelco, Yuasa Battery, and Bosch batteries in UAE. However, you should also consider your own vehicle’s specifications, requirements, and budget when choosing a car battery. You can also consult a professional or an online service like Champions Battery for more guidance and assistance. If you are looking for the best place to buy a car battery, then we are there for you.

Do you have any questions? We will help you choose the right battery with the best warranty for your car. Call us today at 600505606 or 0568 505 606.

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