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Things to Consider Before Buying Bosch Battery

Bosch battery is one of the best battery brands available in the world. Bosch batteries are available in different types suitable for diverse kinds of vehicles and they come with a lot of advantages. Bosch batteries are manufactured using latest technology. They are reliable as well as durable. They have good starting power in varying temperature and the consumption of acid is very less. They only require low maintenance and self discharge of the battery is also low. Champions Car Battery Services are the best dealers of Bosch battery UAE. We sell genuine batteries that are quality tested. If you are in search for car battery replacement near me, you will surely find us ranked at the top.

Things to consider before buying Bosch battery

While buying Bosch battery UAE you have to consider certain things to ensure that you are buying the most suitable and appropriate battery for you vehicle. The first and foremost thing which you should decide is the type of Bosch battery which you require for your car. There are different models of Bosch battery UAE such as:

Lead Acid Batteries – Also known as wet cell or flooded batteries. Bosch batteries of this type are suitable for cars which need normal power. Electrolyte liquid is present in these batteries.

AGM – AGM or Absorbent Glass Mat Batteries are suitable for vehicles that require high power. The self discharge of these batteries is very low.

EFB – EFB or Enhanced Flooded Batteries are appropriate for cars with start-stop technology. These batteries have power receptors and improved cycling strength.

Next thing which you have to check while buying a Bosch battery is its dimensions. The physical size and dimension of the battery have to be checked with the dealer so that you can buy the correct fit battery for your car. An adapter can also be used with the battery in the vehicle when the size of the battery differs.

Looking through the manual instructions given in the battery is another important factor before you buy the Bosch battery. The battery booklet will contain all the details about the battery. By going through and clarifying the points in it with the dealer you can make sure that you buying the right type of the battery which is most suitable for your vehicle.

While buying the battery you should also make sure that the battery has warranty along with it. Bosch batteries have long warranty period which is four years. The power of the battery should also be looked into. Cold Cranking Amps (CCA) should match with your vehicle’s electrical system. The layout of the battery is another vital factor to be understood while purchasing a Bosch battery UAE. It is also recommended to understand the position and diameter of the positive terminal.

While purchasing a Bosch battery ensure that you are buying the authentic product. Genuine Bosch battery has Bosch Secure Code Label. By ensuring that the battery which you are buying contains the label you can be sure that the battery is original.

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