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Several people have stopped driving since the pandemic. Compared to pre-pandemic levels, fewer miles were driven in 2020 and the first few months of 2021, say studies. Cars are being parked and remaining out as more people choose to work remotely, ride public transportation, or resume traveling instead of commuting. Even though it might not seem like a problem, it might result in a dead battery. Picking the best high-performance car battery can increase the longevity of your car. Learn how long a car’s battery can last before dying and the best ways to maintain your battery.

How long can a car be left idle before the battery runs out?

You might be wondering how long a car can remain before the battery dies if you don’t drive much or are considering a trip that lasts longer than two weeks. Your car battery’s age, the kind of vehicle you drive, and the weather all have an impact on the response.

Your car’s battery will typically last between four and two months when it is not being driven. Bear in mind that your car’s battery is constantly in use, even when you’re not driving. This is why it can only be left parked for a short period of time before it dies. For instance, the clock, alarm, and radio on your dashboard are all powered by your car battery even when the engine is off. This also includes if you unintentionally leave the lights on as you will find the battery dead by the next day.

This is also known as “parasitic drain” or “parasitic draw.” As per RepairPal, parasitic draw or drain occurs when an electrical component continues to use electricity even after it and the vehicle has been turned off.

Apart from the parasitic drain that reduces battery efficiency, the weather can also affect how well your battery performs. Your battery might not be as effective in severe heat or below zero degrees.

Due to their mutually beneficial relationship, your car battery and alternator can suffer if you go too long without driving. The alternator in your car keeps your battery charged and keeps everything running properly.

The alternator creates electricity to keep your battery powered continually when your vehicle starts. When both are functioning properly, they produce the ideal amount of power, generating an electrical circuit that supports itself to provide long-lasting performance.

When to replace your vehicle’s battery

One of the most frequently asked questions is “How long does a car battery last without driving?” As mentioned above, you should be safe for between four and two months, but it can vary.

But what if your car won’t start when you return after a month-long vacation or if you haven’t driven it in weeks? Alternator or battery failure could be the cause. Your battery might need replacement in certain situations, especially if it’s old. Your automobile battery should normally be updated every four to six years.

How to maintain a car’s battery while it’s not in use

It’s bad for the car battery to leave it parked or on the street for an extended amount of time. Driving is somewhat similar to a use-it-or-lose-it scenario, and if you don’t utilize your battery, it could degrade. So, what should you do if you are unable to drive your car for some time or can’t enlist your friend for assistance? Keeping a car battery charged when it’s not in use is explained here.

Remove your car battery

Your best option is probably to remove your car battery if you intend to go a while without driving. This can make sure that it uses less energy and lasts longer. Store the automobile battery in a dry location with temperatures between 40 and 60 degrees to ensure it is kept in good condition. Think about getting a battery box to keep it secure and in top shape.

Your car battery may live anywhere from six weeks to six months once you remove it. Make sure to charge your battery before the three-month milestone to ensure that the battery keeps functioning properly. However, there is no need to wait so long; it is recommended to often and routinely charge your car battery.

Purchase a battery maintainer

Looking for a way to keep a car battery charged when it’s not being used without taking the battery out? You could then want to choose a battery maintainer. When the battery is fully charged, a battery maintainer will stop supplying enough charge to keep it running. If the battery level falls below a particular level, it will activate once more and begin charging.


It’s common to question how long a car can sit before the battery dies if you’re planning a longer vacation or simply don’t drive much these days. As said above, it varies based on your car, but it often lasts a month or two. Make an effort to ensure the battery stays charged, such as taking it out of the car or purchasing a battery maintainer, if you are unable to drive your car during that time as part of your car maintenance. A set of jumper cables is also useful.

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