Winter Weather? Try These 5 Tips for Jump-Starting Your Car

For your automobile to operate smoothly, a suitable maintenance schedule including the appropriate car battery replacement is crucial. The maintenance of the vehicle’s batteries, together with normal maintenance like changing the engine oil and all filters, ensures the trouble-free operation of the vehicle. Apart from that, being frigid in general and in extreme cold are

13 Tips to Jump-Start Your Car

Your battery can stop working or fail due to a number of reasons. Changing temperature, malfunctioning alternator, overlooking periodic service and maintenance, formations of lead crystals are some of the reasons a battery may fail. Failure of a battery lands you in a difficult situation. Jump starting the car is an effective method in such

How to Change Car battery?

In hot counties like UAE the battery ages very fast due to heat, vibration, fast charging, deep discharge and over charging. Car breakdowns may happen anywhere with our least expectations. This happens mainly because of battery drain out. We may feel drained because of many reasons, too much gatherings, lack of proper diet, over time
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