Why My Car Won’t Start & How To Fix

Battery failure is the major reason behind the trouble in starting your vehicle. A car battery can get failed due to many reasons like any underlying damages, because its life has expired or is expiring soon, issues in fuses, alarms, lights, sound and so on. By using cranking amps it can be found whether a

Advantages Of Using Varta Battery In Car

Varta batteries are preferred because of its numerous advantages. They are manufactured using advanced and innovative technology. Varta batteries are durable and offer high performance. They come with start-stop system which helps in the efficient usage of fuels. They are temperature resistant and can therefore be used in any harsh climate. Varta Batteries come in

Know more about different car battery brands

You all know what the function of a car battery is. It is most important component, responsible for the life of the vehicle. Car batteries make the flow of electric current steady and makes sure that the car gets enough jolt to stay running. There are different types of batteries with specific benefits and drawbacks.
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Why Car Batteries Dies Winter Easily?

Dead car batteries are among the most common issues related to the vehicle in the wintertime. As a car battery replacement service provider, we know this because we tackle these kinds of issues in the winter season. The winter months in the United Arab Emirates see temperatures as low as about 10 degrees Celsius. People
car battery replacement in UAE

What All Things Can Cause Your Car Battery Damage?

Car batteries possibly die due to numerous factors, and something that went wrong could repeat at any time. If the vehicular battery dies repetitively, then there would be an underlying issue that requires addressing before you get stranded someplace. It is possible to whittle almost every car battery-killing factor down to three issues: battery issues,
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Jumpstart your Car with these Easy Tips

A dead car battery is an experience that everyone gets at least once in their lifetime. It is irritating or scary to turn on the key and finding that nothing is happening due to the starter’s weakness to start the engine. When you get this situation, there are two ways to deal with it. You
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