Why My Car Won’t Start & How To Fix

Battery failure is the major reason behind the trouble in starting your vehicle. A car battery can get failed due to many reasons like any underlying damages, because its life has expired or is expiring soon, issues in fuses, alarms, lights, sound and so on. By using cranking amps it can be found whether a battery is strong or not. Jump starting is another method to test whether there is any issue with the battery. If you are in UAE and is searching for car battery replacement nearby, Champions Car Battery Services is the number one option. We have car batteries from trusted and renowned brands like Amaron, Varta, Sebang, Solite etc.

Signs of a failing battery

A few signs of a failing battery are:

  •  Difficulty in starting vehicle
  • Vehicle starting in an inconsistent manner
  •  No interior lights
  •  Terminals having corrosion
  •  Dim headlights
  •  Sound when starting the vehicle
  •  Backfiring

Causes of battery failure


When there is high temperature the heat tends to corrode the positive grid eventually causing the battery to lose its starting power and capacity.

Malfunctioning alternator

An alternator which is not working properly can damage the battery. It can result in completely discharged or undercharged battery. Such a battery will have reduced capacity and will eventually fail. An undercharged battery can result in sulfation.

Improper battery fitting and inappropriate size

A battery which is not properly installed cannot meet its function. In the same manner a battery with a size which is not suitable for the vehicle will also not work.

Service and maintenance

Periodic service and maintenance is very important to ensure the proper working of a battery. The cables of the battery have to be cleaned and have to be placed to fit the battery terminals properly. Also the vehicle should not be kept without starting for a long period. If the vehicle is kept without using, the battery can fail. After repairing the electrical system the battery also has to be checked for any issues. Unnecessary electrical components in the vehicle can also interfere with the function of the battery.

High Vibration and formation of lead crystals

Vibration which is above the normal point can damage the battery and separate internal components of the battery. Battery can fail and its capacity can go down in such cases.

Lead crystals formed inside the plate when a battery is discharged can become bigger overtime if not recharged. The bigger crystals cannot be easily recharged or dissolved and hence disrupt plate structure and cause problem to the battery.
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