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Why Car Batteries Dies Winter Easily?

Dead car batteries are among the most common issues related to the vehicle in the wintertime. As a car battery replacement service provider, we know this because we tackle these kinds of issues in the winter season. The winter months in the United Arab Emirates see temperatures as low as about 10 degrees Celsius. People in the nation are mostly capable of dealing with these conditions, but it may not be the same for car batteries. Cold weather, especially, can majorly affect the performance of a car battery on the whole.

You might think that getting a car battery replacement service will solve the issue once and for all, but it would not be a permanent solution. That is to say, if you do not understand why the issue happens, it would occur again in the next winter season. To understand it, it pays to know a thing or two about why a car’s battery is likelier to fail during cold weather as compared to other weather types.

Understanding The Basic Function Of Car Battery

A standard car battery has lead plates combined with fluidic electrolytes, which produces a charge. The electrolytes can react to cold and hot temperatures. The reaction will accelerate when the temperature is on the higher side, meaning the vehicular battery can create a higher electric charge. This means it can start in a more efficient way, but the high rate of reaction will cause quicker deterioration gradually over a long period. Colder temperatures, on the other hand, will play a part in a lower reaction rate. Therefore, cars take longer to start as temperatures come below the freezing level.

In certain cases, the coldness will slow down the reaction to such an extent that your car battery cannot produce any form of charge whatsoever. In this situation, you might want to enable your location service and search for ‘vehicle battery replacement near me’ on Google.

Cold And Hot Effects

Cold winter temperatures can play a big part in making car batteries die, but exposure to the temperatures is not the sole reason for the issue. Over its lifespan, a car’s battery will be subject to extreme cold and hot temperatures. The coldness will eventually make the battery die, but hot temperatures can also have a major effect on that process. As you run your car in a hot environment, there will be internal corrosion at an exponential rate. The battery dies during winter more than in the summertime as it does not need the same amount of power for the engine to run as it is warm out. For this reason, you might seek fewer car battery replacement services in the summertime in relation to the winter months.

As the temperature comes down, a higher electric charge is necessary for the battery to work efficiently. This could be tricky in the case that internal corrosion in the summertime keeps the vehicular battery from becoming fully charged. Therefore, the less-charged vehicle battery has a greater chance of freezing and dying.

Maintain Your Car Battery In Winter To Avoid Downtime

There are numerous preventative steps to keep it from becoming dead in the season. One of those simple steps is to avoid leaving the vehicle idle this time of the year. Many people had to do this and approach us for onsite car battery services in the 2021 winter. If it applies to you, consider investing in a quality battery warmer to save it before the part dies. This way, you can reduce the frequency of getting car battery replacement solutions.

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