VARTA Battery Advice: What Do I Consider When Restarting My Car after the ShutDown?

VARTA Battery Advice: What Do I Consider When Restarting My Car after the ShutDown?

Pandemic lockdowns and restrictions have given a slow pace to life. Work from home instead of daily commuting to the office, no gatherings, no public events, no friends or family times have restricted the use of vehicles in the UAE, and hence, Varta battery in UAE and even on the global grounds gave suggestive measures for the car during the shutdown phase. As per the stats given by Automotive Aftermarket Intelligence, the traffic rate has fallen for every country.

So, many car drivers came up with the confusion for starting the car reliably on the removal of restrictions. The car must start again without a problem by following the important tips. The battery must provide peace of mind and charging must be done before starting the vehicle before using it.

Varta has given tips for the onsite car battery for coping up with several weeks of the vehicle, not in use. The advice is given by the company for static cars:

  1. Drive more not less: When you start your car, try to drive it at least for 20-30 minutes rather than undergoing the short journeys. It will recharge the battery completely by activating it after a long time.
  2. Do not use electrics: turn off the radio, AC, sunroof, electric windows, and any other parts associated with the battery. The consumers draw that power that is used for running the car. Charge the battery by driving the car for a while and then you can do all those things.
  3. Dry and clean battery: You need to ensure that the battery is clean and no moisture or dirt between the terminals could drain the battery by speeding the discharge process.
  4. Keep it locked: The sleep modes of the car need not be prevented when it is extended for more time. Keep the doors and boot closed and locked when the car is not in use. The power consumption of all the devices will be reduced with the minimum chances of drawing any power from the battery.
  5. Charge rather than disconnecting: When a battery is easily accessible, it is a good idea to charge it rather than removing it completely. Electronic systems in the new vehicles can lose data or trigger the error messages on interruption of power supply. The voltage must be checked regularly and the battery needs to be recharged when it goes below 12.4 V.
Still unsure?

If you are still not sure about the battery condition as the vehicle is unused for a long period, the best way is to get it checked at the worksite to ensure that it is in the best working condition. They will guide you to the best solution for your battery issues. The nearby workshop can carry out the battery testing and then you can know the battery health.


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