Signs Your Car Battery is About to Die

While being stranded with a dead battery in an unknown location is always annoying, doing so in the middle of winter can be hazardous. You might be tensed in the hurry to find car battery replacement nearby.

Fortunately, batteries typically give us a few warning signs before they die, allowing you to purchase a replacement battery before being stranded. Be on the lookout for these five warning signs of a bad battery to avoid being left without power.

  • Weak/Slow Engine Crank

The engine can crank when you try to start the car, but it does so extremely weakly. You might also notice that the engine cranks more slowly than usual if your charge is running low.

Although there is a remote possibility that your starter is broken, your battery is almost always to blame. It is crucial that you recognise this as a warning sign since occasionally you may only get one attempt at a slow start before the engine stops turning.

  • Frequent Jump Starts

The straightforward guideline is that your car battery has to be replaced if you have to jump start it more than two or three times in a single week. If you repeatedly jump-start a battery, it might lose power quickly, even if it is brand new.

Jumper cables essentially “shock” your battery back to life, which is quite taxing on your battery. This shouldn’t be done frequently within a short period of time; it should only be used as a last resort or in an emergency. Your starter or alternator could possibly get “killed” as a result. Therefore, replace the automobile battery as soon as possible to save yourself the hassle and the money.

  • No Crank, No Start, No Lights

It’s not difficult to diagnose this issue, and it serves as a further cue that your battery is to blame. Especially when the alternator is not operating, your battery powers all the accessories and lights in your automobile. So, the first thing you should check if your car merely seems to be utterly devoid of any signs of life is its battery.

And remember that it could be a combo problem including your alternator if your car is in this scenario and doesn’t even have the power to switch on the lights or the engine. The headlights working when the car won’t crank or start could point to a more interesting issue with the starter or a mechanical issue.

  • Starts Slow

Early in the day, everyone moves a little more slowly, but for the most part, your car shouldn’t experience the same kind of morning grogginess that we do. The battery may be to blame if you turn on the ignition and observe that the engine is starting a little more slowly than usual.

And no, a restful night’s sleep won’t help. Don’t be afraid to test the battery to see if it’s slow. Free battery tests are available at many auto parts stores.

  • High Maintenance

As you may anticipate, there are affordable solutions to increase the lifespan of your automobile battery. Over time, a chalky white material frequently forms around the battery connections, which can reduce battery life and harm electrical conductivity. Fortunately, cleaning such corrosion with a wire brush and lubricating the connectors with dielectric grease is not too difficult.

Naturally, it’s crucial to use caution when servicing your automobile battery. Always use appropriate gloves and safety glasses, especially if the risk of spilled battery acid exists. But using baking soda and water, battery acid on the skin can be swiftly neutralised.

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