Know more about different car battery brands

You all know what the function of a car battery is. It is most important component, responsible for the life of the vehicle. Car batteries make the flow of electric current steady and makes sure that the car gets enough jolt to stay running. There are different types of batteries with specific benefits and drawbacks. They differ in their power value, to suit the varying power requirements of modern cars. Here are the different types of car batteries that are available today.

1. Silver Calcium Battery
2. Gel cell Battery (Dry Cell)
3. Deep Cycle battery
4. Nickel Metal Hydride Battery
5. Lithium Ion (Li-Ion) Battery
6. Absorbent Glass mat Battery(AGM)
7. Enhanced Flooded battery (EFB)
8. Flooded Lead Acid Battery (Wet cell)

Popular Best Car Battery Brands

Usually, car batteries last for 3-5 years if maintained properly. It is essential to buy the right battery for your vehicle, considering the cost, size and features. Do not get fooled for duplicate batteries, which get failed easily and harm your vehicle’s internal components. Therefore consult a professional battery check services to avoid mistakes. Or check for ‘car battery replacement near me’, for getting help from the best technicians for your car battery replacement.

There are many trusted brands in car batteries in the market but choosing the right one for your vehicle can be a tedious task. We give you details of some of the popular battery brands which helps you to select the most appropriate one for your vehicle.

• Amaron

Amaron Go-BH 38B20R Go 12V 35Ah Front Car battery


• High Tolerance
• Long Life
• High Vibration Resistance
• High Reserve Capacity
• Requires Zero Maintenance
• High Cranking Power
• Premium Silver Alloys (Silven X) ensure low corrosion
• Factory Charged & Ready to use

Find the popular types in Amaron battery, UAE at Champions battery services.

• Varta

Varta Silver Dynamic start Stop Plus AGM Battery H15 105Ah


• Start- Sop plus batteries are the perfect solutions for vehicles
• Advanced Start-stop technology with regenerative braking and additional fuel saving technologies
• Durable and long lasting
• Specially developed VARTA Start-Stop Plus batteries with AGM technology which can meet the challenges imposed by these systems.
• Offer greater performance and versatility.
• Capable of reliable supply of power to an even greater range of devices.
• Voltage 12V,105Ah, 950 CCA supplied with 2+3 years warranty

Find the durable Varta Battery, UAE at Champions battery service.

• ACDelco

ACDelco 4 AH Bike Battery


• Voltage 12V
• Lead Calcium Battery cell Composition
• Maintenance free
• No water adding required
• SLA Design
• 18 months warranty
• Highly Durable

• Yuasa Battery

Yuasa YUAM6212B YT12B-BS Battery


• Voltage 12V
• Easy to maintain
• Battery part numbers are based on the BBMS Standard
• High CCA
• Enhanced Flooded Battery
• State of charge indicator


Car Battery Replacement Services in Abu Dhabi

If you are searching for ‘car battery replacement near me’, Champions car battery replacement service in Abu Dhabi is the right choice. We provide onsite car battery replacement service along with battery diagnosis, battery jumpstart mechanisms and premium battery brands all under one roof. We offer check-ups for car batteries, alternators, starters and electrical wiring and battery cabling while accommodating all high-end and premium cars as well as everyday usage motor vehicles. We assure 24/7 rapid effective services to replace batteries with 12 months warranty. To know more about our products and services, visit

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