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Jumpstart your Car with these Easy Tips

A dead car battery is an experience that everyone gets at least once in their lifetime. It is irritating or scary to turn on the key and finding that nothing is happening due to the starter’s weakness to start the engine. When you get this situation, there are two ways to deal with it. You can use Jump start car service or push your car to get it going.

Jump starting your car is a simple process. It could be a problem if you do not do it properly. If you want to search for the vehicle battery replacement near me, it could be a chance to call the experts to get onsite car battery services.

The mishappening for jump-starting your car could be avoided by these five important steps. Easily jumpstart your car by following these ways:

  • Starting the engine with a working battery

Turning on the engine of the working car and pulling it close to the vehicle with a dead battery is the process. These two cars need to be very close to each other. The batteries need to be found and the plastic covering over them needs to be removed for easy accessibility.

  • Connecting batteries with jumper cables

The jumper cables are marked- one in red and the other in black. One needs to be very careful while connecting the batteries. The positive terminal is marked with a ‘+’ sign and it is to be connected with the positive of the other car’s battery with a red cable. The process is repeated with a negative terminal marked ‘-‘ with the use of black colored cable. This causes the risk of the battery exploding and puts your car at a high risk of getting destroyed. The cables must be placed properly and must be kept away from each other.

  • Starting the car

Before starting the dead car, the donor vehicle must rev the car slightly and keep it around 3000 rpm. This would make the car’s alternator replacing the lost energy and there will be a power-boosting in the car with the dead battery. You can start your car if cables are connected properly and everything goes in the appropriate order. The power from the donor car determines the timing when your car must be able to start. You can repeat the process for maximizing the power through higher revs. In maximum cases, the car with a dead battery starts in this way with the jump start car service.

  • Disconnection of two batteries

The dangerous part of the jump start car service is that you can get some problems if you are working carefully. The disconnection of cables should be done one by one. The touching of cable clamps may cause sparking and could damage the electrical system of the car.

  • Inspection after jumpstart

After putting off the cables, you must carefully inspect them. If the cables are warm or hot, this indicates that these are broken due to their poor quality. These must not be used again and replaced ASAP. It is never preferable to use cheap cables as they come with poor quality wiring and can’t withstand high or medium-level power running through them. It is always good to use the thicker and expensive cables with the high-grade copper installed inside. You can use the high-quality wires for a longer period for onsite car battery initiation without any worry to get spoiled.


Champions Batteries provides the most reliable jump start car service for starting your car in Abu Dhabi. They deliver 24/7 services with high-quality and work for car battery replacement at any location. You can get the best services for batteries in terms of repairing, replacing, diagnosing, jumpstarting, and premium battery purchase under one roof. The company provide intensive car battery checkups and work for the onsite car battery issues that ensure effectiveness.

The company focuses on delivering cost-effective and professional services with trust, precision, commitment, and loyalty for car battery replacement in Abu Dhabi. Whenever and wherever you get any issue, just call +971 568 505 606 for assistance. Champions Battery provides all the battery variants including AMARON, BOSCH, VARTA, PANASONIC, ACDELCO, ENERGIZER, YUASA, KAYS, etc. The experts have intensive knowledge of car batteries and provide exceptional services for car batteries for a different range of vehicles. You can get 100% genuine car battery replacement at the lowest possible cost. The best team of experts will lead you towards the most reliable car battery solutions in Abu Dhabi.

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