How To Select a Car Battery?

Let your wheeled buddy be energetic always with being fully and effectively charged batteries. To ensure a reliable and long lasting journeys with your car, it is imperative to choose the right battery. Battery of a car is the key component of a vehicle, which makes it going and without a proper functioning battery, it is not possible to keep all the electronics to run long enough. Battery is a saviour even when the engine is off to charge your phone, rune safety accessories etc. So you have to pinch your brain to choose the right battery and also it is equally important to choose the best place to buy the car battery. Champions have been trusted for the best car battery replacement in Dubai and so here we are here to help you get the right battery from the best place to buy a car battery.

If you are a car owner, replacement of your battery at the right time is what you will be supposed to do throughout its life for the longer run. Car batteries gradually lose power over time due to the driving conditions, cold weather, etc and it asks for proper care at proper time. Keep reading to learn the few essential tips to choose the right battery to charge up your baby on wheels.

Understand the essentials

Before choosing the car battery you have to be aware about what is the capacity of your car. You need to learn about some essentials of the car batter to choose the right one.

Battery specifications

When a car is manufactured, a battery is already designed for the make and model of your vehicle, so it is important that in replacement you do nit make nay mistake by placing the wrong battery. Consult the owner’s manual and determine the specifications of the battery that suits your car to buy a new one.

Reputable dealership

The best place to buy a battery also matter s for a healthy running of your car. You have to be aware of the pricing and quality of the dealer you are depending on.

Life expectancy

The cost effectiveness of purchasing battery lies in its life capacity. Do not compromise on the quality to run longer over the expense.


The period of warranty can also help you determine the quality of the battery, as the longer the warranty, the better the battery.

Battery technology- deep cycle vs starting battery

With varying driving styles and model of the vehicles, the battery also differs. You have to determine whether a standard flooded battery will meet your vehicle’s need or it requires a deep cycles or AG battery.

Battery group size

You have to be careful about the size of the battery, that will best fit the physical dimensions, terminal location and type needed for your vehicle. Battery group size entirely depends on your vehicle’s make, model and engine type.

Cold cracking amps (CCA)- CCA is a rating used in the battery industry that identifies the ability of battery to start an engine in cold temperatures. It defines the number of amps a 12 volt battery can deliver at 0 degree F for 30 seconds while maintaining a voltage of at least 7.2 volts.

Battery reserve capacity (RC), amp hour, C20

How long a new, fully charged battery can continue to operate essential accessories when the alternator if the vehicle fails is indicated by the reserve capacity. And the measure of energy stored in a battery is indicate by amp hour and C20 capacity.

Battery maintenance

Maintenance required and maintenance free batteries are the other 2 types of batteries available. Maintenance free batteries are comparitively expensive, while maintenance required batteries asks for regular monitoring.

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