How To Handle a Car Battery that Just Won’t Hold a Charge

Having to deal with a dead battery is unpleasant, but fortunately, a charged battery is only one hop away. Jumpstarting your automobile usually isn’t the end of the world, unless you’re stranded in the middle of nowhere.

But what if your automobile battery is unable to maintain a charge? At that point, a straightforward problem transforms into a complex one. Here are a few potential causes of your battery not retaining a charge and what you can do to fix them.

  • Old Battery

Car batteries including varta battery UAE deteriorate over time, and when they do, they stop functioning properly. Your automobile has died on you at this point and won’t charge when jumped. Your battery has to be changed as soon as feasible. Corrosion is a good indicator that your battery needs to be replaced, but if you’re unsure, don’t hesitate to bring your car in for a full-service car battery replacement service in Abu Dhabi.

  • Headlights On

The first thing to examine if your car battery continues draining is your lighting. The headlights on many modern cars are programmed to turn off after a particular period of time. However, if your automobile lacks this feature, your headlights can continue to operate either until you turn them off or until your battery is fully depleted.

  • Alternator Problem

Since the alternator charges the battery while the automobile is driving, alternator issues might arise. A malfunctioning alternator is confirmed if the battery charges briefly after being jump-started. Before you replace anything, though, it’s crucial to get your car carefully inspected. If your battery isn’t genuinely losing charge for another reason, you don’t want to replace your alternator (or even your batteries).

  • Defective Fuse

Sometimes a blown or malfunctioning fuse will cause a battery to lose its ability to hold a charge. A faulty fuse results in a distinct kind of battery loss but is reasonably simple to repair if found. As you can see, even something quite straightforward might cause problems with your battery. For this reason, you should try to identify the issue before attempting to resolve it.

How to Revive a Dead Battery?

1. Do Some Cleaning

Before beginning the cleaning operation, be careful to unplug the battery terminals and remove the device from its case in the vehicle. For your own safety, don’t forget to wear gloves and safety glasses.

Utilize a top-notch cleaning solution designed specifically for cleaning battery posts. To complete the assignment and move the posts back and forth until they are clean of dirt, move slowly.

2. Perform Load Test

To do this activity, a load tester is required. Before connecting the tester to the battery’s negative post, connect it to the positive terminal. Sparks won’t be produced by doing this.

Turn on the tester to check if the reading falls below 12 volts or not. The scale’s gauge lowering to this point and staying there without rising again is an obvious sign that the battery is totally destroyed. If this occurs, you will need to swap out the battery for a working one.

3. Try Epsom Salt

Since you can easily get the ingredients in the grocery store or the supermarket, this is the perfect alternative for you to carry out at home.

Low electrolyte levels can be the cause of a car battery that won’t hold a charge. The chemical balance will be tipped by a stronger acid that contains a lot of hydrates, such as Epsom salt, and provide enough charge for the engine to start.

4. Apply Aspirin Solution

You’ll be shocked to learn that aspirin application can resolve the mechanical issue with the automobile battery. Acetylsalicylic acid is an additional name for aspirin. Because of this, mixing aspirin and water will provide a fantastic solution for bringing about a chemical alteration in the battery electrolyte mixture.

12 aspirin tablets, either 350 mg or 500 mg, should be crushed and dissolved in 180 ml of warm water for this remedy.


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