How to Change Car battery?

In hot counties like UAE the battery ages very fast due to heat, vibration, fast charging, deep discharge and over charging. Car breakdowns may happen anywhere with our least expectations. This happens mainly because of battery drain out. We may feel drained because of many reasons, too much gatherings, lack of proper diet, over time work and so on. However our car is not going for any gatherings during its off period then how? There are plenty of other reasons for it to get drained.

Car battery change in Abu Dhabi

The battery dies when the dynamic materials energy holders in the plates are bygone hold and discharge current. The usual life span of a battery expires and it’s starting, lighting and ignition capacity fades due to the normal expansion & contraction incurring due to the recharge-discharge Cycle. This routine results in the weakening the plate amplitude and brown sediment like rust escalated on the bottom case. This will kill the battery plates as soon as the short incurred.

Why do batteries die? A dead battery is really annoying but it can be avoided. Batteries may die due to several reasons. Not starting car for long period, lack of battery maintenance, not keeping terminals clean, collapse of diode bridge or voltage regulator in the alternator, keeping your headlights on, using electronics when you are not on drive – it strains because of these whoopers and the alternator works only during drive and.

Automotive batteries don’t last forever even if you take care of them properly. The symptom’s that a vehicle shows or indicates for a car battery replacements are your answers for the below questions:-

  • Does your car need a jump start car service due to a dead battery?
  • Is the age of your vehicle battery 3+ years?
  • Your vehicle headlights are dimming?

Jump start car services in abu dhabi

It is possible to coinage the car battery oneself?

Fortunately the answer is yes.  All what you need for this are some basic tools. The steps to follow:

Things that you will need is insulated gloves, safety goggles, 7mm/8mm/10mm /13mm wrenches, cable ties, socket wrenches, Extension bars, Emery cloth, sand paper

Step – 1

  1. Park your vehicle on a flat surface –  First of all you need to find a place which is away from fumes, sparks, traffic and water. Never opt to remove your car battery at road side. Don’t forget to turn off your vehicle.  A garage is the best place for Car battery change in Abu Dhabi, like buy roads.
  2. Safety gear to open it up – Car batteries are highly corrosive as they contain Sulphuric Acid Electrolyte solution. So one must take good care to protect you. Use insulates gloves and goggles for safety. Take off metal jewellery or accessories and avoid good clothes if you mind to be greasy.
  3. Find the battery and detach the negative wire – Locate the battery in the corner of the Engine bay or near the front bumper. You can detect two cables attached to it. Study the owner’s manual if you still can’t find the Car battery. Remove the negative wires by loosening the cable clamp first. This will prevent from electric shorts. The negative Terminals are generally black and will have a minus (-) sign on it. You may require a 7mm, 8mm, 10mm or 13mm wrench to detach the cable depending on the car.
  4. Disconnect and secure positive wires – Remove the positive cable usually marked with plus (+) sign after loosening with a suitable wrench and secure it with a cable tie. Make sure that it doesn’t touch with the negative clamp.
  5. Detach the battery – Inspect the bracket and remove all the connectors a you may need a right sized socket, socket Wrench and/or an extension bar.

Car battery change in Abu Dhabi

Step – 2

  1. Clean the Terminals – inspect the terminals for powdery build-up in green, blue, grey or white. Always use an emery cloth or 100-grit sand paper and clean until it shines. Avoid any contact of the battery acid with skin or clothes.
  2. Purchase replacement battery – Always note down the information on old battery such as dimension, size ,part number etc. head an auto parts store and give the details including the model, year and make of your vehicle. There are many leading batteries available in UAE like Amaron battery, Varta battery If the Auto parts store refuses to take your old battery kindly take it to a service/recycling centre for disposal.
  3. Fix the new battery and grease the terminals – Simply reverse the action you practiced to remove the battery from bracket. Do not spray grease on any other part of the engine block other than positive and negative terminals. Recheck the fasteners that the battery will not move or vibrate while you drive.
  4. Reconnections – Reconnect the positive cable first after undoing the cable tie. Be careful that you don’t touch any other part of the terminal. Put a cover over terminal, then remove tie of the negative terminal and reattach. Tighten the clamp very carefully with a wrench so that the negative wires don’t come into contact with any metal.
  5. Close Hood and start vehicle – Confirm twice that you removed all tools from near the hood. If you’ve done everything correctly and the power problems real cause was battery alone – now you can restart the car. Make sure all electronic devices are working properly.

While battery changes keep in mind the following points: –

  • Don’t leave any metal object near battery as two terminals may get connect and can create a circuit.
  • Wear safety goggles, insulated clothes and Take off metal jewellery and watch.
  • Don’t allow any automotive battery to turn on its side.
  • Avoid working in wet conditions. 

If you are planning to change to your car battery yourself make sure the battery is installed and that the connections are tight. If the car is just turning over but just won’t start you may have an issue with the alternator, starter or ignition.

Keep in mind that the Clock, Radio, navigation and Alarm settings will get reset while you practice the car battery replacement.  So you must make sure to not forget the alarm code or else refer owner’s manual.

To avoid all these mess it’s advisable to go for a car battery change service.

Why Onsite Car Battery Replacement services:

Champions Car battery services offer Onsite Car Battery Replacement Service in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah and Ajman.  Champions Car battery Services’ responsive team equipped with right training and experience are available anywhere at your reach at roadside/7 for a basic servicing to an emergency. Their car battery specialists’ 4-point battery evaluation for the effective and life span enhancement of your car battery.

Champions car battery changing services Abu Dhabi provides all the major brands of batteries Amaron battery, Varta battery, On site car battery, Bosch, Energizer, Yuasa, Acdelco, kays and Panasonic.  The knowledge and experience in dealing with car batteries replacement and services allows Champions battery to offer exceptional services to car owners of all kinds of cars.

No matter what car you own, Champions cover all major brands like Audi, Hyundai, BMW, Tata, Volkswagen, Toyota, Honda, Nissan, Suzuki Maruti, Skoda, Ford.  To get the car replacement you just need to let them know where you are, model of your car, make of the vehicle you need to change the battery. All batteries come with guarantee from the manufacturer.

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