Common Car Battery Problems: When to get a new battery?

When it comes to think about the batteries under the hood of our cars, we can say, a car battery stores power for the vehicle to start, provides energy to start the engine, delivers electricity to the ignition system, works with the alternator to power the electronics and helps to regulate the voltage. Besides these functions, every system tends to lower the function and without any prior notice, it may shut down. You may have done a lot of searches like ‘vehicle battery replacement near me’ for yourself or for your friends who got stuck somewhere due to a car breakdown. So this happens to your car battery too if you set your face against these common car battery problems.

Reasons for a battery fail

  • Internal connections may break due to corrosion.
  • Short-circuited cell
  • Plates break from corrosion and vibration
  • Low electrolyte level
  • Sulfation due to no use state.
  • Battery case damages
  • Positive or negative terminal damages or corrosion

When to get a new battery for your car?

The most common reason for a car breakdown is due to a flat battery. You may not have noticed the symptoms and find yourself in the middle of a road at unexpected situations and then seeks for a roadside assistance in a hurry. These things can be avoided if you notice,

  1. A low battery fluid level- If the battery fluid level is low, below the lead plates, test the battery and charging system tested.
  2. A battery leak- This may cause corrosion around the posts and the gunk needed a replacement for starting the car without fail.
  3. Slow engine crank- You may find a sluggish crank in the engine at the time of starting the vehicle and finds hard to start the engine.
  4. The check engine light brightens at times when your battery power is low.
  5. A swollen or bloated battery case due to excessive heating which lower the battery life.
  6. The battery is found to be ragged.

If you notice any of these signs, check for ‘Car battery replacement near me’ and find a best place to buy a car battery, providing quality & efficiency. You can do a few things to save your battery’s life like turning off the car lights if not necessary, unplugging the power adapters etc. but do a break at Champions when necessary, to detect the early signs of battery failure. We provide car battery replacements, battery testing & diagnostic, battery boosting & protection, 24/7 service in Abu Dhabi. You can receive quality and affordable services from our centers as we have a core team of technical & maintenance experts who gives you technical assistance within 30 minutes, wherever your location may be. So if your car broke down in the middle of a road and found it’s a battery complaint, then don’t panic. But just Google,’ car battery replacement near me’ and you will find our service for the fastest service provider. You can trust Champions for the best place to buy car battery in Abu Dhabi and the best car battery replacement service with 2 years manufacturing warranty at affordable rates.

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