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When to change a car battery is something every driver should know. In days of intense cold, it suffers much more than in any other. There are certain elements that influence the life span of the battery, such as the outside temperatures, the possible errors in the care of the car and even the use of the different internal devices of the car. In days of intense cold, it suffers much more than in any other. Various circumstances can cause the sole starting source for the engine to stop working. If the battery in our car is more than three years old, it is very possible that it has little life left. So we have to think about changing it for a new one. Do you know the best place to buy car battery online? Read the article to know more on battery replacement services in Abu-Dubai.

onsite car battery

Battery replacement: basic information

When changing the battery it is also very important to check the alternator. We can damage the battery due to a bad alternator. An alternator has to charge the battery of our car constantly. If the voltage is higher than 14.5 volts, there may be an overvoltage that totally damages the battery. If the voltage is less, the battery will not be able to charge. As far as possible, during winter it is advisable to store the car in a covered place so that it does not suffer from the harsh winter temperatures that can completely damage the battery of our car. We must also know the useful life of a battery. In the market we can find a wide variety of batteries from many brands. As a general rule, a car battery can have an approximate life of three years.

The first thing to keep in mind is that there is no fixed, estimated and specific period in which the battery stops working. You must keep tracking the condition of the battery. As soon as you realize, it is time to contact the car battery replacement service in Abu-Dhabi. However, it is always generally recommended to check the battery every 6 months if the vehicle is 2 years old or older. And if it is more than 4 years old, the best thing to do is to change it. Even if it continues to work since you do not know when from there it could stop doing so.

Onsite battery replacements reach within 30 minutes

It is handy to get in touch with on-spot battery replacement service.

Car battery replacement service in Abu Dhabi

Now you may ask why it is important. You have to understand that the battery influences almost all the devices in the car since it feeds them with energy to make them work. We talk about radio, GPS, central locking, windshield wipers and of course lighting. We often avoid tracking the condition of the car battery. Thus, it is quite possible that the battery drains completely and we face inconvenience, such as there is no near-by service centre or local garage, we are miles away from our destination or home, car stops in middle of the road, etc. What to do in these situations? Call the onsite car battery replacement service, to change the car batter on spot. The advantage of battery replace service is that you can call them even at road if your battery drains and you find yourself in an awkward situation. No matter where you are, the assist car will reach to you within 30 minutes. And remember that recycling is mandatory at the time of battery change, as established by the regulations on environmental waste management.

Factors influencing battery life

There are certain factors that influence battery’s life span. The different types of car battery may last more or less depending on the brand and the type of car in which they are implanted. You cannot establish an exact period of duration with this variant to know when change the car battery. Another determining factor is also the weather. They are not particularly resistant to sudden changes in temperature or extreme weather.

It also does not help to take too short trips by car. In fact, it is estimated that it takes at least 10 km for the battery to recover the same energy that it has needed when starting the vehicle. The opposite would prevent the battery from fully recharging. If it remains inactive for a long time, it can become unloaded. As is evident, certain cares must also be maintained.

Conclusion: Symptoms for replacing the battery

One of the clearest is when starting the car. However, there are currently vehicles that report possible anomalies on the interior panel, so it is also advisable to pay attention to this point. We can even have another symptom with a malfunction of different elements of the interior of the vehicle, as the battery influences the different devices in the car, an irregular use of them may be due precisely to the fact that the battery begins to fail.

Always put your trust on a professional Car battery replacement service in Abu Dhabi.

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