Advantages Of Using Varta Battery In Car

Varta batteries are preferred because of its numerous advantages. They are manufactured using advanced and innovative technology. Varta batteries are durable and offer high performance. They come with start-stop system which helps in the efficient usage of fuels. They are temperature resistant and can therefore be used in any harsh climate.

Varta Batteries come in different varieties. Given below are few of them:

• Silver Dynamic
• Blue Dynamic
• Black Dynamic
• Silver Dynamic AGM
• Blue Dynamic EFB

Champions Car Battery Services offers batteries of different types from several brands. We are one of the trusted dealers of Varta battery UAE. We can proudly say that we provide the best car battery replacement service.

Before purchasing battery for your car check:

• manual instructions of the car and also the battery booklet
• physical battery dimensions – cars require batteries of appropriate group size or require an adapter to fit the battery
• battery polarity layout including the position and diameter of the positive terminal
• Power output – avoid buying batteries with weak power output
• Cold Cranking Amps (CCA) – CCA have to fit your vehicle’s electrical system.

Advantages of using Varta battery in car

Advanced and innovative technology

Varta batteries are engineered using reliable and precision technology. They deliver long term performance and are the most preferred choice for cars with conventional power demands. They come with technology that provides high starting power and reliable performance. They are suitable for vehicles with advanced start-stop system such as regenerative breaking.

Suitable for extreme temperature

Varta batteries can withstand extreme climate. They have high level of endurance when compared to ordinary batteries. They come with good cold cranking power.

Long lasting

Varta batteries are durable and have longer life spans when compared to the conventional battery types. The latest and innovative technology incorporated in manufacturing these batteries ensures its durability. They are also strong. The PowerFrame Grid (which is stamped grid) makes it robust.

Trusted Brand

Varta batteries have a long history of delivering high performance. This has made Varta into one of the most trusted brands all throughout the world.

Maintenance free

Varta batteries are maintenance free. Because of this advantage they only incur low operation costs.


All types of Varta batteries are manufactured to meet the industrial standards and quality. They are reliable and provide constant power flow.

High performance

The enhanced technology of Varta batteries provides high performance. They are useful for high performance commercial vehicles. The chance of breakdowns and extra costs are reduced by using these batteries.

Minimal self discharge

The distinctive technology in Varta batteries ensures minimal self discharge.

Low corrosion

Corrosion of Varta Batteries is minimal which in turn make these batteries a cost effective option.

Vibration resistant

They are manufactured to withstand high vibrations. The plates and connectors of these batteries are held securely in position. Injection molded supports and additional connector fixation endure sever impacts on roads.

Manufactured to be eco-friendly

These batteries emit less greenhouse gases and use only less energy for its operation. Lower fuel consumption, good recyclable capabilities and responsible recycling program make then an eco-friendly option.

For authentic Varta battery UAE get in touch with Champions Car Battery Services.

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